Ama Adventure founded with a simple principle that little ideas put into the people can flourish in the larger things. Ama Adventure was established as a way of harnessing the power for society. All trips that we sold support and create new opportunities in the remote area where travelers explore.

We apply public partnership programs collaborating with local communities in multiple ways. Our local guides dedicate themselves to providing high quality services taking travelers to the next summit on the off beaten path trek.

Tourism should be accomplished to sustain and drive onward the betterment in terms of economically, environmentally, and socially and generate the positive impact in the travel destination for its betterments. Being a responsible travel operator, we make sure not to harm the nature (environment) where we travel.

Ama adventure is extremely proud with a flexible itinerary that accomplishes a private tour of lifetime experiences around the most beautiful corner of the world with exclusive clients services from expert providers all over you travel. The principle behind established Ama adventures were emerging based on engaging with local community, environment, culture, social issues project participatory with sustainable travel groups.

This idea flourishes when Founder explores remote areas of Nepal through isolated villages, experiences traditional cultures, shoots numerous documentaries based on social issues, adventure Filming on unexplored trekking areas of Nepal. During professional and solo travel, journeys are drawn that ides “Tourism is the measure key to sustain the society” through economic independence.

Unlike being based overseas, all your money spent for a trip directly supports local people in multiple ways. We always believe in quality services, the satisfaction of clients, and putting the money back into the local community. Our Major focuses are to promote Nepal into the globe and every client’s satisfaction we always achieve by high-quality services takes an amazing trip to our beautiful deduction.

Let us join Ama Adventure to explore the most amazing place on the globe, encourage the local community by creating income activities like hiring local staff, and prioritize the local ownership support to increase per capita income. This collaborating travel not only provides you lifetime experiences also contributes to the local economy.

Ama adventurers believe that a travel journey should be inspiring to the people, not only for travelers’ people to have unconditional bonding with the local community. While traveling with us each journey must generate unforgettable experiences that will exist in your soul long after returning home. We encourage travelers to meet the local people with great and open minds to experience authenticity. We take to all the magnificent places that travelers truly deserve to explore. The mountain calling world is open to the house ready to host with full of heart “if Not now then  when”.